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Dieter Jaksch awarded with the 2018 Thomas Young Medal and Prize

for "his contributions to theoretical proposals enabling the study of non-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics with unprecedented microscopic control in ultra-cold atoms, and establishing them as a quantum technologies platform".

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Publication Detail / Abstract

R. Mankowsky, M. Först T. Loew, J. Porras, B. Keimer, A. Cavalleri

Coherent modulation of the YBa2Cu3O6+x atomic structure by displacive stimulated ionic Raman scattering

published in Physical Review B on March 31, 2015
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We discuss the mechanism of coherent phonon generation by stimulated ionic Raman scattering, a process different from conventional excitation with near visible optical pulses. Ionic Raman scattering is driven by anharmonic coupling between a directly excited infrared-active phonon mode and other Raman modes. We experimentally study the response of YBa2Cu3O6+x to the resonant excitation of apical oxygen motions at 20 THz by midinfrared pulses, which has been shown in the past to enhance the interlayer superconducting coupling. We find coherent oscillations of four totally symmetric (Ag) Raman modes and make a critical assessment of the role of these oscillatory motions in the enhancement of superconductivity.
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